How to Save Money With a Price Tracker – It really works!

5 Key e-commerce pricing facts

Hands up if you don't like a discount. Yeah, we thought so. EVERYONE loves to save money on products they love. This is the best time to bring automated price tracking tools into play. Because the last thing you want to do is scroll through dozens of websites, compare prices, maybe even fill them into a spreadsheet… Let us show you how you can easily save some bucks on any type of product.

By Amor Avhad 4/22/2021Updated: 11/8/2021

Price tracking made easy

Have you ever had this ONE product in mind that you wanted to buy but the price was just not affordable? And then the company that sold that particular item actually had a coupon or any other discount on that product and you missed it? Well, these situations are a thing of the past. Because all you have to do to save money is to register your email address and the product you are longing to buy with a price tracker and wait. The software will then automatically check prices on a daily basis for that product and send you emails or push notifications if the price changes.

Win Gift Cards with

You can double the amount of return on your time spent price tracking or deal hunting. At Glass It we need your help collecting online price history. We are looking for participants in our Price Drop Alert Sweepstakes in which you receive price drop alert push notifications for your item(s) in exchange for the chance to win gift cards to your favorite stores everyday. Go and try it out now! Just provide your name and enable push notifications to officially enter the Glass It sweepstakes. A winner is selected everyday. This helps us both because with price drop alerts you can buy your items when it sells at a discount price, and in turn we get the support of verified users like you to compile reliable price history data, which stores often don't want customers to see. Would you as a consumer rather make an uninformed and often impulse decision to buy, when you could have reliable price history from a price tracker like Glass It who makes it easy?

Get the best deals when online shopping

We promise: Price tracking will put your online shopping onto the next level. Prices tend to change all the time, not only on big platforms like Amazon. Other ecommerce websites offer discounts and other means to save money on their offerings as well. This makes online shopping a tough task: You never know if to buy now or wait a little bit longer. With price tracking in place you never have to play this guessing game again. You don't have to stay on track of all those newsletters and social media announcements anymore to catch the perfect timing for lowest prices. Let price trackers do the work for you.

Price tracking with one single click

As soon as you see a product you like, enter it into the price tracking platform. With this step is just a single click when you have the browser extension in place. The product will then be summited for approval and you will be notified as soon as the price tracking for your item is set up. Activate the push notifications and you will be immediately informed when prices drop. The lowest prices are reached? Perfect! All you have to do then is click on the purchase button on the website that offers the best price and you are done with your successful online shopping!

When can you use price tracking?

Price tracking is not only very useful for your daily online shopping of clothes, sneakers or hygiene and cosmetic products. Actually, you can track any type of product prices. Save money on your new smart phone, for example. Or even keep track of real estate prices. The uses for you as consumer are really endless.

But price tracking can be a perfect start into your own business as well. Just keep on reading to see how price tracking can actually help you set up a side hustle.

Make Money or Grow your business with price trackers

Yes, you are reading correctly. You can not only save money with price tracking. You can actually make some money by using price trackers correctly. Let's give you an example. Let's assume you want to start flipping cars. Simply enter the car you are looking for into the price tracker, buy it at lowest prices and sell it high. The automatization of a price tracker will save you a lot of time scrolling through all the different platforms, like craigslist. Just add all the vendors you would like to monitor and let do the magic.

In addition to price drop alerts and winning gift cards, you can also make money if you make your Internet work for you, supporting legal and safe activities like price tracking along the way!

Another great example for a business use of price tracking is to look out for any type of clearance sale of a particular product. You can enter the maximum price you are willing to pay and as soon as the tracked website offers the price at or below that price, go for it. Then sell the item with a profit margin and enjoy some extra money.

Go on vacation of a lifetime and save money

Another perfect example of how to use a price tracking system is when you are planning to go on your next vacation. When you have found your perfect vacation property don't forget to track it, before you book it. That way you can save some serious money and get yourself really spoilt on your next trip. That's it! We are sure you are convinced now of all the great things you can do when price tracking. It only takes a few clicks to get started with the Glass It browser extension which is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, & Safari.

Start price tracking today!