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Monitor competitor price and stock changes with Glass It

How to get Competitive Intelligence?

  1. Price monitoring is a dull task. Price scraping managed by Web Engineers can collect stock availability & pricing data
  2. Focus on your core business ‐ Review competitor pricing and stock trends in a timely manner
  3. Optimize your competitive edge with re-pricing opportunities for your business
Glass It Price Tracker Shopify app monitors your competition Glass It Price Tracker WordPress plugin monitors your competition

Monitor eCommerce store products

  1. Choose your platform:

    Glass It Price Tracker Shopify App
    Glass It WordPress plugin

  2. For WordPress, contact us beforehand with your store's URL to be white-listed. After importing your items, send us your competitor URLs to compare against. We will auto match them to your products
  3. Get actionable insights to drive profits and mitigate losses
  4. Dynamically price your items based on your competitor's prices with email alerts and price history
Dashboard provides price monitoring analysis

Price Monitoring Software Service

  1. Skip the grueling pricing data collection
  2. Analyze tracking data in a simple dashboard
  3. Create widgets. Get competitor insights and compare price history. Gauge competitor product demand with stock change data
  4. Hook into Glass It events with the Webhooks API to handle updates from Glass It per your custom needs.
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Price Monitoring saves time & money

Competitor Price Monitoring Solution

  1. Be first to know when competitor products are in high demand or unavailable
  2. Price tracking doesn't solve all your problems, but addresses important issues like time management
  3. Export price tracking data to Excel using widgets
  4. Glass It handles common monitoring issues like websites blocking price tracking using captcha & other methods